I have been sending cases to Randell Prosthetics for at least 20 years. Everyone in the lab is 100% focused on customer service. Randy is always available to discuss any case and is dedicated to making sure the doctor and the patient are completely happy with the results. I just checked a recall patient that was wearing a recently made Duraflex partial and asked her how she liked it. She said she loved it and it was worth every penny. I agree.

Michael Katsev, DDS

Randy and his team always go the extra mile. He recently replaced the entire posterior occlusion on a locator based over-denture for my out of town patient. He meticulously ground each tooth and made sure the articulation was perfect without compromising the integrity of the expensive prosthetic base. On time and perfect is pretty much the norm with Randell Prosthetics. Twenty years of service. They are always on the ball. Thanx.

Tom O’Connor, DMD

A very rare combination of years of experience and expertise along with unparalleled personal service from Randy and his entire team. That’s exactly what one receives on a daily and a weekly basis, year by year consistency. Friendly and caring attitude regarding any and all questions. This is my personal experience.

Michael Kutten, DMD

Randy and his team have been providing me high quality lab work for several years. They are an extremely talented group that is meticulous and artistic. Randy and his team produce beautifully crafted prosthetic pieces that please my patients, are technically sound, and function properly for many years. Best of all, this high quality product is provided with exceptional customer service. Rochelle is always sweet and accommodating when I call to discuss difficult cases, and Randy is always available to give me insight from his experienced perspective. They are willing to go the extra mile to meet extraordinary timelines and help me in emergent circumstances. Randy and his team are not just my lab techs, they are my dental partners and my friends.

Ted Rechtin, DDS

I have been dealing with Randy since his days as manager at the old lab off Manchester Road in the 1980s. With his expertise, commitment to service and excellent craftsmanship, I would never consider changing labs. As dental laboratory materials and techniques have changed, Randell Lab has changed too. Yet Randy is always able to come to the telephone to answer a specific question or request. His service is always timely, even on my all-too-frequent “rush” jobs. I have and continue to recommend him to all of my colleagues. Randy’s lab is the best.

Mark McCarthy, DMD
St. Louis, Missouri

This is an affordable, high quality lab which is able to give great personal attention, especially to the difficult cases. Quality and service are the best, and fees are very good.

George R. Albin III, DDS
St. Louis, Missouri