Why use Proform Mouthguards?





The ProForm Mouthguard incorporates 3 layers of thermal plastics laminated together at extreme pressure. The layers are cross-woven under these extreme pressures to increase tensile strength and shock transmission. The laminate also incorporates a hardened piece of plastic (the palatal brace), which is placed behind the 4 incisors to work as a shock transmitter. The ProForm Laminate is vacuum formed over a patient’s maxillary stone cast model. The brace is positioned behind the anterior teeth to maximize protection of the most injury prone teeth.

Proform Mouthguards are designed and fitted to your athlete’s mouth like a glove fits a hand. This means that communication on the field, rink or court are clear to everyone. Proform are made for all the major sports (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS) teams. If it’s good enough for the pros, isn’t it good enough for the young athletes in your practice?

> Anterior brace for extra protection!
> Custom-fitted for great oxygen intake!
> Easy to attach break-away strap!
> Custom-made shock-absorbing surface!
> Professionally made for a perfect fit.
> Laminated material for superior strength.
> Excellent abrasion resistance!
> Made for dentists worldwide.


Proform Nightguards are a durable, flexible night bruxing appliance. This guard is less bulky than its hard acrylic counterpart and designed with optimum patient comfort in mind. It is estimated that 20% of the population of North America have or will have a bruxing or TMJ disorder.


Proform Dual Laminates have a soft inner surface and a hard outer layer. This hard outer layer makes the appliance more durable for those really tough bruxers. You may also add acrylic to make it into a bite raiser.
> Durability and Long Life
> Minimal Chair Time & Adjustments
> Excellent Retention
> Bonds to Acrylic and NFC Resin
> Laminated for Strength
> Softens in Hot Water


The bleaching of teeth using a carbamide peroxide and a bleaching tray has become an acceptable dental technique. The Bleaching Laminate is ideally suited for making the bleaching tray. It is a foam and splint combination laminate only .020 inches in thickness once it has been formed over the model. The foam liner absorbs the bleach, thus decreasing the bleaching time for the patient. No more need for time consuming “Block Out” techniques. The foam replaces the need for a spacer. You should replace your bleaching tray with a Proform Bleaching Tray.