Luci-sof Softliner


Typical soft denture liners quickly harden, discolor and delaminate, meaning unhappy patients and less productivity for your office. Plasticized acrylic liners bond well, but they change in color and softness over a period of time. A soft liner that becomes hard, no matter what the color, is not a comfortable liner. Luci-Sof® soft denture liner was designed to solve these problems. The advanced silicone chemistry even maintains its softness when soaked in harsh solutions like Polident® and Listerine®. Luci-Sof® starts out looking remarkably natural, and because it’s highly resistant to staining, this liner stays looking natural. And that’s just another reason why patients feel more comfortable with a Luci-Sof® denture liner.

Luci-Sof® is a silicone-based denture liner system suitable for relining existing dentures and lining new dentures. It has superior durability and excellent bond strength.