AED Dentures

Avoid Embarrassment Denture




A Spare Denture For Times You Can’t Be Without

The AED is an inexpensive replica of a patient’s denture that will add a new and valuable dimension to your denture service. The AED is an exact reproduction made from a mold of the primary denture. Your patient will be the only one who knows it’s not the original. No one wants to be without their denture, and now none of your patients need ever be embarrassed when regular dentures, are being repaired or relined. Consider prescribing an AED with your immediate dentures and you’ll be pleased at the way it will avoid scheduling crises due to routine relines, denture repairs and emergencies. Also ideal for your nursing home patients with dentures. This low cost 2nd denture makes it affordable for everyone. As a Practice Builder or a Schedule Saver, AED’s will complement your full denture care.