astronAstron 1180 Vinyl Dentures at Randell’s






The Astron 1180 Vinyl denture is fabricated from a vinyl copolymer denture resin in ready-to-use capsule form, that can be cold-injected and heat cured to compensate for any curing shrinkage. This procedure produces a durable, better fitting denture that is both dimensionally stable and non-allergenic.

The Astron 1180 Vinyl denture is offered to you as a premium denture, which has the following advantages for you and your patient.

Advantages for the dentist

1. Better fitting denture reduces postoperative chair time.
2. Better dimensional stability maintains fit for fewer complaints.
3. Stronger denture reduces breakage.
4. Eliminates problem of patients who are allergic to an acrylic denture.
5. Dentist is able to charge a premium fee for this improved denture.
6. Eliminates any material porosity since denture is molded under uniform pressure.

Advantages for the patient

1. Greater mouth comfort and denture functionality with a better fitting denture.
2. Lower water absorption permits denture to maintain fit without requiring its
soaking in water.
3. Lower water absorption of mouth fluids reduces denture staining which reduces
mouth odor.
4. Non-allergenic property eliminates any patient allergies.
5. Stronger denture reduces chance of denture breakage.
6. Vinyl copolymer material is kinder to mouth tissue.
7. Reduces visits to dentist for denture adjustment.